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Eternally Dark Love [entries|friends|calendar]
The Dark Lovers

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His Fantasy [21 Mar 2004|09:41pm]

[ mood | horny ]

as i walk in the room i see you laying on the bed... im dressed in nothing but your t-shirt and thongs... you r laying there in your boxers your eyes gleaming having a dead stare at my tit my hard nipples poking through your shirt your imagination running wild. i walk over to you and bend down to kiss you softly on your sweet lips as you reach around behind me pulling my panties to the side you start rubbing my clit softly and slowly while kissing me passionately. then you move you lips down to my chin then to my neck as i feel the bulge in you boxers rubbing against me.. the thought of your hard throbbing dick made we wetter... i then stand up and say to you "Darren i want you i want to feel you i love you and want you to feel me as you never have before" while telling you that i slide my panties off you raise to meet my pulling me shirt over my head and on to the floor instantly you begin sucking on my rock hard nipples caressing them squeezing them... i push you down on the bed as we lock eyes i tell you "this is what i want" i crawl up letting my drenched pussy rest on your mouth... now sitting on your face i rub my pussy against your tongue and press my body down longing to feel your tongue explore me inside out, you firmly grip my hips with your hands and begin sucking my swollen clit i moan aloud your name you get rougher go faster tasting my sweetness feeling it run all down your face on into your mouth, you fuck me harder with your tongue as i squirm on your face running my hands through your hair... you then take a finger and slide while licking it in me... forcefully now swirling your tongue all around my clit taking it between your teeth you use 2 fingers and take your thumb im circular motions around my tiny asshole... i feel that and scream im cumming all in your mouth its running down your face as i bounce upand down on your tongue faster oh baby... then stilll wanting more i turn around my back facing you but my pussy still in your mouth i grab your throbbing cock and begin stroking it firmly and hard. squeezing it tight i bend down and take it into my mouth first licking the head and down your shaft licking my way back up and putting you in my mouth feeling you grow while in my mouth i swirl my tongue and suck... faster as i feel you throbbing in my mouth ready to explode... i raise my pussy up off your face with your dick still in my mouth i turn so my eyes can meet yours... i want to watch your face as you explode in my mouth... you the grab the sides of my head pushing your dick on into my mouth i begin swollowing every inch of you up and down i suck you you start moaning as i reach behind me and squeeze your balls... then i feel it you squirting in my mouth i swollow what i can but its so much you say my name really loud.... still cumming i take your dick back in my hands and raise for my big tits to touch your cock as u get get the idea you grip my tits firmly fucking them with your dick while i lick the head each time it comes towards my mouth.... you then lay beside me and whisper "Carrie, I love you" i look into your eyes and tell you i love you to............

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Calling all Wicked girls! [12 Feb 2004|04:06pm]

[ mood | wicked ]

Are you a Wicked girl? Have something to bitch about? Have a story of wickedness? Just have to get you're opinion out there? Come and join wicked_girls and tell us everything.
Anything goes!


Lets hop on our broomsticks, my pretties. And defy gravity we will!
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[11 Feb 2004|07:03am]

This is just a story I started writing a while ago, I don't know wether or not I should continue, so if anyone ends up reading this.. tell me if you think it's going alright...

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